Thursday, 28 September 2017

How to utilize Trend Micro’s Scan Facebook utility?

Time has gone ahead & the growth in the technology is on its pace but now people need to have a look on other side of this situation where they will find that an increase in the online or external threats are taking birth & affecting the life of the technical devices or services we use. Therefore, it is highly needed to take some necessary precautions steps as well as to utilize a fine antivirus security program to keep the health of the gadgets & services in a good working condition.
Yes! You are getting right; this blog is referring that users of technical devices require an antivirus to put security measures to their gadgets or any online service they use. Trend Micro is an antivirus that offers its customer the one stop solution to battle with all types of threats he may face. Users can scan their PC or any gadget they have, with the utility of this Trend Micro Antivirus security program. People can grab the following benefits with Trend Micro installation & activation on their systems:

·         It keeps users away from all online threats like viruses, Adware, Malware, Trojan, and so on, keeps them away from the technical devices.
·         Trend Micro antivirus provides you the on-work security during web browsing.
·         It runs continuous scanning process in the background while users are utilizing their PC or enjoying internet surfing on their systems.
·         Trend Micro Antivirus security aware the users by giving a warning, in case they visit a wrong site and also recommend them to leave that page.
·         Support automatic updates in order to remove all threats from its user’s PC with its updated version.
·         Trend Micro Antivirus offers Parental Control feature which enables the users to maintain the safety of their kids while surfing on internet  

Good news for Facebook lovers

Almost all the internet surfer use Facebook nowadays, whether to search or make friends, to post their photos, to make voice or video calls or to chat with their relatives. But many a times, we hear that he has suffered because of using unprotected Facebook service. Then why to take chance, feel safe while using your Facebook with Trend Micro protection shield. Trend Micro Internet Security also provides a ‘Scan Facebook’ utility which can enable users to scan and edit their Facebook privacy settings.

Steps to access ‘Scan Facebook’ utility of Trend Micro:

1.       Tap ‘Scan Facebook’ option in the main Console of Trend Micro security. On doing so, you will see the ‘Scan Facebook’ window appears for you to sign into your Facebook account.
2.      Click ‘Sign into Facebook’ option & a window to sign in will appear
3.      Enter the email address & password you used to activate your Facebook account followed by clicking ‘Log In’ button.
4.      Here, the Trend Micro Mobile Security will scan the Facebook for privacy concerns. Once the checking is over, it will presents you with the analysis.
5.      Click ‘Fix All’ option or tap on each item in the list individually to reset it to the recommended settings. You will see a ‘pop-up’ on your screen which will allow you to change the Privacy Settings.
6.      Click the recommended ‘Privacy Settings’, for example – friends & then tap ‘OK’. Trend Micro Mobile Security will make the changes & inform you with a message ‘Great! You have fixed this concern’.
7.      Repeat the process, if any concerns still remains or click ‘Check Again’ to ensure that you have addressed all concerns properly.
8.      Now, in the future whenever the Trend Micro Facebook utility makes a policy change for your Privacy Settings, simply click Scan Facebook again in the main console to recheck the Facebook Privacy Settings.

The aforementioned steps to access ‘Scan Facebook’ utility of Trend Micro must prove beneficial for the safety of the Facebook users. If you are also a Facebook lover & want to enjoy using Facebook without any fear of threats or compromising your privacy, then you should also follow the steps. What happened? Want to access the Trend Micro Scan Facebook utility but unable to do so? Don’t worry, the Trend Micro antivirus technical support experts of PCTECH24 are always there to help you. Just call on the toll-free Trend Micro antivirus support Phone Number1800 83 24 24 & contact the experienced & talented professionals of this reliable technical support offering firm. The certified technical experts here will offer Trend Micro support services to resolve all types of technical issues with Trend Micro antivirus, mobile security or internet security. You can also use our live chat support service.

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