Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ensure Safe Surfing on Internet with Trend Micro Support

Internet surfing has been a common thing these days as most of the crowd approach online means for various purposes like shopping, online transactions, paying bills, application download, and many others. Therefore, the requirement of a completely secured technical device with an antivirus program is on niche. The demand of an antivirus goes up when the tech users faces some sort of technical issues & some losses take place on their system. There are a large number of branded antivirus security programs are available in the digital market and almost all these security programs make the work simple and help in removing viruses from technical device. But while looking for an antivirus, a user should not only concern about the security against threats but also the impact of the antivirus puts on the system’s performance and speed.

Trend Micro Antivirus is capable in providing complete protection with its number of security features that one can employ to maintain online as well as offline safety, without compromising the system’s performance & speed. If you are looking to obtain a safe surfing environment over internet then you can use the Trend Micro antivirus security program.

Trend Micro Antivirus security program has the ability to remove all sorts of threats including viruses, worms, spyware, malware, rootkit and other malicious software from its user’s technical devices. This antivirus software fits best on all security concerns of the technical device and offers a complete satisfaction to a Trend Micro user. If you face any internet related issues and want to surf safe with Trend Micro, have a look below.

Steps to ensure Safe Surfing over internet with Trend Micro Antivirus security:

1.       Open the main console of Trend Micro security
2.      Now, click the ‘Globe’ icon present in the upper right corner of the screen, to open the          ‘Safe Surfing’ browser.
3.     Once the browser appears; in the location bar, enter the URL of a website you wish to       browse or if you want to test an example of  a ‘malicious’ website then type or followed by clicking on ‘Go’.
4.      If the website is found malicious or potentially infected, then the ‘Safe Surfing’ feature of Trend Micro antivirus security will block it in order to protect you
5.      In case you still want to visit the infected website, then click on ‘Proceed Anyway’ option. (Note: the users are recommended by the experts, not to proceed with 5)
6.      Again visit the main console of the Trend Micro Antivirus security and there click on ‘Safe Surfing’ Panel to get a report of blocked malicious websites.
7.      Clicking on this panel will bring a ‘Safe Surfing Report’ in front of you, with a list indicating which websites it has recently blocked.
8.      Now, Scroll to the bottom of the main console window of Trend Micro Antivirus & click on ‘Settings’ to modify your ‘Safe Surfing’ level.
9.      On ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to ‘Safe Surfing’ option, and click the slider to turn the ‘Website Filtering’ on or off.
10.   Now, click on the ‘Protection Strength’ & check the protection level that you prefer:
High: Blocks each & every website showing any signs of spreading malicious software, even including the suspicious websites that may not actually cause complications.
Normal: Defends against malicious software, online fraud, and other threats, without violently blocking minor security risks.
Low: Blocks only the websites that are confirmed as fraudulent or malicious.
If you confront any kind of technical issues while accessing this application or found any of the components not responding successfully then it’s better to approach Trend Micro Antivirus Support team of PCTECH24, where you will get complete solution for all the issues. The Trend Micro Support experts of PCTECH24 has hired after testing their skills and knowledge that enables them to provide qualitative support services to our customers. Moreover, the skilled and experienced technical professionals are given proper training on ‘how to resolve every possible issues faced by the Trend Micro users, in a least possible time?’ You can contact our Trend Micro technicalsupport experts any time (24x7) you want, either through calling on the toll-free antivirus support phone number – 1800 83 24 24 or visiting our website to discuss the query via the Trend Micro live chat support service provided by us.  

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