Thursday, 28 September 2017

How to Enable the Lost Device Protection with Trend Micro Antivirus Support?

With the advancements & alterations in the technology, life style of people is also changing. Most of the crowd is getting attracted by the latest systems whether mobile or computing devices due to simple, fast & beneficial performance of these devices. Today, all of us believe in making more & more money with any type of business we are doing, therefore have a very busy schedule and don’t have such a great memory to remember each & everything. Here, we need a trustworthy assistant that can keep our data safe and available whenever we require. Trustworthy and always available assistant? Simple, we are talking about your technical devices which can be a smart phone, computer, laptop that can store all your data safely & remains always with you. This is one of the main reason for attraction amongst people towards the advancing technical devices.
But have you ever thought; ‘what will happen if you lost your system in which you have stored all of your essential information?’ Frightening right? Today it is very common for the people to lose their system such as; the smart phone may fall down while traveling in train or bus, somebody may steal your laptop or personal computer. Common yet problematic, if the lost system falls in wrong hands then the one can steal and misuse the significant & essential information like user name, credit card details, passwords, etc., of the owner. The hackers may steal the information even from the technical device which is at your home. Therefore we should always keep our devices protected regardless they are with us or anywhere else.

To achieve such protection, first of all install and activate an efficient antivirus security like Trend Micro. Trend Micro security software is one of the best antivirus programs & also an award- winning product to offer complete protection to the older as well as advance technical devices. Trend Micro has been included in the list of top-rated security suite due to its efficient protection features against all types of online threats.  

Steps to enable Lost Device Protection:

1.      Visit to the main console of your Trend Micro Security software and tap on the ‘Lost Device Protection’ option. Now, the ‘Lost Device Protection’ window will appear, with instructions to turn on ‘Location Services’.
2.      Tap “Turn It on Now” option to turn on the Location services.
3.     If the ‘Location Services’ is not turned on, then follow the instructions appearing in the ‘Device Not Located’ screen to turn them on.
4.  Scroll towards the right and check if sound is disabled or enabled, in case found disabled then follow the instructions in the ‘Sound Disabled’ Window to turn the sound on, so that you can sound an alarm if your mobile device is lost.
5.      Once the “Lost Device Protection” is activated, click on its panel in the main console of Trend Micro security. Now, a Device Located screen will displays with a link to the Lost Device Protection Portal.
6.     Copy & send this link via email to your computer or Mac, so that you can access the portal later, in case your device is lost or stolen.

Hope these beneficial steps will really help you out. If having any query or facing any technical issue in ‘Enabling Lost Device Protection’ on your technical device with Trend Micro security. Then contact the Trend Micro support experts of PCTECH24. The technical support professionals of PCTECH24 are highly qualified and have proper knowledge about Trend Micro security that makes them capable in troubleshooting every possible technical issue with this product within minimum possible time. Our experts are available 24x7 and are always ready to deal with all types of issue that a user can face, whether it is related to Trend Micro Installation, Activation, and Renewal or to removal of already installed security. We also provide Trend Micro Antivirus support services if the product installed on our customer’s device is unable to detect or remove the online threats. Our Trend Micro Antivirus support phone number is 1800 83 24 24 (toll-free), call us anytime you want to get the reliable support services. In case, don’t have time to call then use our alternative support service that is Trend Micro Antivirus live chat support by visiting our website. You can contact our support experts to get resolutions for all the technical issues that you may face while installing, re-installing, renewing, activating the Trend Micro Antivirus. Rely on us and get the effectual support services.      

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